Small Spaces Solution- A Rail in the Kitchen for Hanging Utensils

Hello and happy Monday! It’s a snow day here in coastal Vancouver, so it’s a very happy Monday for a lot of kids!

A few months ago, we bought a towel rail at Ikea – one that could hold two towels.


But when we got it home, we realized that we actually didn’t have anywhere practical to hang it! Even though we thought we did. Talk about bad planning! So it kicked around our bedroom for about 3 months until yesterday when I stubbed my toe on it for about the 25th time! That’s when I had the brilliant idea to relegate it to the kitchen and use it to hang some of our utensils. I have a really tiny kitchen and space is always a problem. We already had a few things hanging on nails on this wall


Looks awful, doesn’t it?

I had to get Hubby involved in this project as I am not very good with a drill (although I’m learning).

Of course, the first step was to take everything off the wall and give it a good clean


and then fill in all the holes from the nails


Then, Hubby measured everything out and made sure the base that the rail was going to be attached to, was level

Of course, you don’t need a huge level like the one shown above. You can buy a smaller, inexpensive one at your local hardware store.

Once it was all level and the places where the screws were to go were marked off, Hubby drilled holes and inserted little lugs into them – you can buy a kit at the hardware store, complete with drill bit!




and the he screwed the base into the wall one side at a time

Next, he attached the railing to the base. Again, one side at a time

and finally the hooks!


There was one problem with the hooks. When I unhooked my utensil from it, the hook came with it! That wasn’t going to work for me. Hubby solved that problem by closing the top hook so it didn’t come off

And here it is – the finished product!


MUCH better than this


Talk to you soon!


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