Finally! A Solution for that Spice Cupboard! (And Some Pantry and Cleaning Supplies Tweaking)


Hi everyone. I have a  spice rack that sits above my stove, but I store extra spices and condiments in a long, skinny cupboard next to the stove. In January, I organized it from this mess

To this (my apologies for the poor quality of the photos)

But yesterday when I was cleaning the kitchen, I saw that it was back to this

Spice cupboard-messy

Eeek! How does this happen? So I decided to do something about it once and for all!

A quick trip to my favourite store – the dollar store, of course


As you can see, I couldn’t quite decide on what containers I needed, even though most of them, clearly, will never fit into that tiny cupboard!

As usual, I took everything out

spices-empty cupboardspices-on counter

(Uugh! I’m having serious dèjá vu here!) And went through what I had – two jars of Oregano?

spices-2 Oregano

And filled/refilled the spice and condiment jars

Once the oils/vingars/sauces were all full, I put them into one of the lovely bright green baskets I had bought and placed it on the bottom shelf of the cupboard – within easy reach.

Now I could see exactly what I had in terms of spices. I put the spices I use the most into one basket, and the spices I use less frequently into another basket

spices-packets in containers

And placed them on the middle and top shelves.

spices-back in cupboard

Beatiful, yes?

Lastly, I put back some of the other spices and seasonings that I use a lot

spices-all done

There were some things that couldn’t go back into that cupboard because they were too big. Just as well I bought extra containers! 🙂 I moved some things around in the pantry to make room for them.

Since I still had some containers left, I used them to organize the cleaning supplies

cleaning supplies-newclothscloths2cleaning cupboard-new

Buy green, save energy & lower your bills. Shop

And I still have one left over! I’m sure I’ll find a use for it very soon.

leftover container

Feeling very pleased with myself, I rewarded myself with an arrangement of dollar-store Hydrangeas- LOVE!



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