Easter Table Setting & Tablescape

Hello everyone! Well, Easter is almost here so I thought I would do a practice run of my table setting for the big Easter meal on Sunday. You can see my Easter menu for that here.

I love holiday gatherings. It gives me an opportunity to decorate the table and cook a huge meal for family and friends. Growing up, we had a Roast Lamb for Easter Sunday dinner.

First, I gathered all my supplies for the centrepiece.

Easter Tablescape

Almost everything you see here is from the dollar store (my favourite store) except the chicks (aren’t they cute?). I got those at Michaels (my other favourite store). One of my cats thought they were real and made off with one in her mouth. I chased her all over the living room for about 5 minutes to get it back!

Aaanyway! To make little nests, I cut up the raffia and placed it in one of the little plastic dishes

Next went the chicks and little chocolate eggs

Easter tablescape - chicks

Easter Tablescape-chicks

I was going to put some candles in the middle, but realized that I would probably burn the house down!

This Week's Coupon at Michaels.com

Now for the table. For the table runner, I used a summer scarf I bought a couple of summers ago, and tied up the napkins with the same ribbon used for the centre piece. I had some leftover chocolate eggs that I scattered in between everything.

Easter Table Setting

Easter Table Setting

Easter Table Setting

Cute huh? I love this Easter table setting!

If you want to check out the menu for Easter Sunday Dinner, you can see that here.

Happy Easter and happy eating!



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