30-Day Cleaning Challenge-Day 12

Hello again! Happy Saturday. I hope you have other plans apart from cleaning today. I know I do. That’s why 20 minutes a day seems to be the way to go – for me anyway.

If you’ve just joined us, or would like to refresh yourself on the task list, click here.

Today’s task is:

Clean out closets

In March this year, I completely reorganized my bedroom closet – it was a complete disaster. To read that post and for tips on how to organize your close, click here. Unfortunately. things don’t always stay organized and it went from looking like this is March

How to organize your closet

to this

30-day cleaning challenge-closets

How to organize your closet

Horrors!! Although I suspect our cat had quite a bit do with the bottom shelf becoming messy 🙂

How to Organize your closet

So, as before, I took everything off the shelves and put it all into categories – work clothes (currently not needed as hubby’s at home with a work injury)

How to Organize Your closets

And then sweat pants and a container with odds and ends it it like hats and stuff

How To Organize Your Closets

After that was done, I put all the things hubby wears the most on the most accessible shelf. Right now it’s tee shirts. That’ll probably change in the winter. Below that – long-sleeved tee shirts, and below that – hoodies.

How to Organize Your Closets

Nothing much else to be done. Tidied up the hanging stuff a bit

How to Organize Your Closets

And the shoes

30-day cleaning challenge-closets



purged some 🙁

How to Organize Your Closet

And it’s done!

how to organize your closet

A bit better, I think! And now, I’m off to the beach 🙂

Wine paring

Have an amazing weekend!


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