Hello everybody. Ever think that you just want a day off from cleaning? Just one day where you don’t have to wash and clean and fold and put away and scrub and cook and clean and wash dishes? All. The. Time. I hear you say.

But past experience has taught me that taking just one day off from housework has meant walking into what seems like a war zone the next day. Instead of just one day of catching up to do, the house looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a week!

Buuut, against my better judgement, I did just that yesterday. Actually, it wasn’t an entire day off, it was an afternoon and evening. I parked myself on the couch at around 1 pm and I watched a movie. Yes, an entire movie from start to finish. In the middle of the afternoon! And then, at 4:30, I went to my hair appointment with my friend and had girl talk for … 3 whole hours … while being pampered.

Luxury, you say. Yes it was. But this morning, I woke up to this

Bathroom rant

and this

kitchen rant

and this

Kitchen rant

Even the cat seemed to be doing to her part to add to the chaos!

Kitchen Rant

I was hoping she was at least thinking about washing the dishes, but, alas, it was not to be.

So, instead of getting on with my latest blog post, I spent half an hour restoring it to it’s former glory.

Bathroom Rant

how to organize your kitchen

I still couldn’t get the cat to move!

clean kitchen inspection

Soooo, a day off. Is it worth it?


The Jane Effect





A Day Off From Housework – Is It Worth It?

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