Hi friends! Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture in a store and thought it would look just perfect in a particular space in your house, only to get it home and realize that you couldn’t have been more wrong? Yes? Me too! That’s what happened with this love seat that we found at a thrift store a few months ago.

ugly couch

Not only was it waaay too big, it was also the most uncomfortable love seat I’ve even sat on. Even the dog hated it!

So last week, we went to Ikea to buy the matching love seat to the couch we bought from there a few years ago.


Much better, right?


And much more comfortable.

While we were at Ikea, we decided to upgrade our dining room chairs. I had been looking for some at various thrift stores with no luck. We’ve had our old chairs for over 15 years and they were definitely ‘past it.’

Old chairs

We had decided on these new ones a few month ago, so we picked up 4. Hubby’s going to make me a bench for the dining room in the coming weeks which will provide extra seating.

table & chairs

These really brighten up the room.

We also re-did the dining-room table – and what an amazing transformation. You can see how we did it here

Talk to you soon!


Ikea Loot! A New Love Seat and Dining Room Chairs
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