Life on the Sunshine Coast

About a month or so ago, I applied (partly in desperation and partly because living in Paradise really appeals to me) for a job on BC’s Sunshine Coast. Whilst it is, technically, part of Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, because of it’s mountainous/watery terrain, it can only be reached by ferry. It does seem to get more than it’s fair share of great weather, and then of course there’s the beaches and little coastal villages to explore. The drive from one end to the other is 180 km (110 miles). LOVE.

To my surprise, I got a call back, went for an interview and … got the job! It was a bit of a shock when it finally sunk in that we have to move from our beloved townhouse to a place where, technically, we had never been before. Hubby was a little upset, but, after much discussion, we decided that we could definitely make this work. He would stay on the Lower Mainland during the week and then come home on the weekends. But, as he’s on WCB at the moment and his work future isn’t really clear, it’s a matter of ‘wait and see’ for the next month or so.

So, last Monday, we took the ferry across to the Sunshine Coast to look at a couple of houses. The scenery was breathtaking from the ferry.

Sunshine Coast

and 40 minutes later saw us landing in Langdale and on our way to our first viewing. We had about an hour or so to kill, so we stopped at Gibsons for lunch.

Gibson, BC

And dined at the famous Molly’s Reach where the series The Beachcomber’s was filmed. I used to love that show when I was younger (much younger!). The food was amazing – and reasonably priced.

Molly's Reach

After lunch, we drove up the only highway to our first viewing. The wooded cabin-type house looked good from the photos, but in actual reality was awful and not what we were looking for at all – so we passed on that and drove to Halfmoon Bay

Halfmoon Bay

Halfmoon Bay

where we found this cottage … and fell in love

Cottage in Halfmoon Bay

It’s quite a bit smaller than what we’re used to – 2 bedrooms instead of 3, and whoever designed the kitchen didn’t have food prep in mind, but it’s nothing that a kitchen island won’t solve and I love it. ¬†All our friends want to visit.

And so, we begin packing for our move on September 14th.

Sunshine Coast moving box

Follow us on this new adventure.


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Beach Life: Sunshine Coast Bound
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