Getting Organized (still!) and Fantasies

I started school last Monday



and spent the afternoons running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off!

This change in my, er, lifestyle requires a little more planning, I’m thinking. The only things I got done, apart from grocery shopping, was the second pillow case for my son and a wall-hanging for a birthday gift for a friend. All my plans for getting more organized and building up stock for my business went totally out the window!

Determined to get something done this week, on Saturday we changed around our living room which created way more space in there 

although the need for a rug to cover the worn and very ugly carpet is more evident than ever! Our plan is to have two armchairs in the above space. I found a lovely wing-backed chair at a thrift store in beautiful condition – except the colour was a sort-of yellow and white flower pattern, but slip covers should solve that. Unfortunately, my budget didn’t allow me to buy it and just as well. Later on that evening, my friend, who works at another thrift store, said she could get me two for a better price. So I will wait in anticipation for her to call when she gets some in.

Tori brought a wall art picture of a British Flag (no, he’s not British), but we really had nowhere to put it, so I stuck it on the wall in the entry way – I think it turned out quite well as we can see it from the couch in the living room, which is the point, really.

He broke our new rule of not buying anything unless we know exactly where it’s going to go. If we decide there’s no space – we don’t buy it!

And I bought a wire basket trolley thingy to create landing strip in our entry way for things like scarves, gloves, toques, sunglasses, keys and the like.

Our entry way is very small 


so I needed something that would fit into the closet without losing hanging space for our coats. This wire drawer arrangement is perfect! 

The contents of the drawers were originally in small baskets in the cupboard in the dining area making it very hard to find anything unless you emptied out the entire basket, found what you needed and then stuffed everything back into the basket again – or not. Usually not. 

That space will now house my laptop when its not in use so that we can actually eat at the dining-room table without having to clear it of ‘office stuff’ first.

In all, last week wasn’t very productive in my household – apart from the fact that I’m learning all about international trade. So I amused myself by daydreaming about totally impossible and ludicrously luxurious home improvements.

Take this champagne buzzer for example.

Or this gold bathtub
I could have the buzzer in here and ring for champagne, but who would deliver it? Hmmm…
Or this marble bathroom? Must be hard to heat, but then, if I could afford a bathroom like this, I could afford my own island somewhere warm!
How about a life-sized chrome horse in your dining room?
Fortunately, such decadence is not my idea of a home. This kitchen is more to my liking
I can see myself spending lots of time in here.
Or this simple chic living room
Head on over to for more. Love that website.
I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon watching a movie and drinking tea. As usual, this weekend has flown by. 
Yesterday, I spent some time reorganizing my time and made this in the afternoon and then sewed it up today
Very French Country and looks perfect on grandma’s rocking chair in my dining area. I had to paint the lettering freehand as I don’t have a stencil in that font. I got the font from my MicroSoft Word program – it’s called (aptly enough) French Script. I traced a faint outline with carbon paper as a guideline, and then painted it.
I have a some more ideas along these lines, so check back here in a few days.
I hope you all have a great week.
Cheers for now!

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