Building up Stock, the Creative Process and Learning

Hello again

I hope your week is going well. We’ve had quite a bit of fog here for the past 2 weeks which has put a bit of a damper on things (pun intended). 

My good intentions of building up stock didn’t materialize last week. I’m still trying to get used to my new schedule and am finding it, er, challenging to get myself motivated after school in the afternoons. Part of me wants to wile away the afternoons doing not-very-much (most of me, actually).

In fact, to avoid doing any work (procrastination), I’ve been scouring the forums on Etsy in an effort to learn more about SEO (search engine optimization) and how to balance my school/work days. It’s been very productive and I’ve learned a huge amount. I’ve joined a couple of Teams on Etsy in order to make myself accountable.

So, armed with enthusiasm and accountable-ness, I bought myself some more fabric markers today and sat down this afternoon and painted two place mats from the Paris Collection. Here’s a photo to refresh your memories

So, I’m feeling pretty smug round about now. At least I’ve made a start towards making some sales at a craft fair or two this summer.

I’ve been playing around on Picmonkey quite a bit also and been brightening up my photos so they stand out more. I switched out most of the photos on Etsy. While I was at it, I made a collage of my favourite things (just for fun) and posted it on Pinterest

I bought a new stencil today with various kinds of French Country borders and things on it. I had a bit of red paint left over from the place mats, so I doodled a little on a scrap piece of material. I believe this is called “the creative process” in artsy-fartsy circles

I see many possibilities with these borders and such. I am really liking the one in the bottom right-hand corner as an idea for a place mat. You can see I wrote “Paris 1889” so I could see what it might look like. Here’s close-up

I’m thinking of perhaps making the corner piece maybe yellow, and the two straight pieces (the horizontal one and the vertical one) another colour – perhaps blue? Or even the little dots in yellow to add more interest to it. I love blue and yellow.

So an idea is taking shape. I’ll paint both tomorrow and see how it looks. This, of course, AFTER I’ve done two more place mats and a napkin or two.

I bought some little silk flowers as a start to my basket idea. My budget didn’t allow me to buy a whole basketful, so I just bought two and will keep buying them every two weeks until I have enough. This is what I have so far


This is what I’m basing my idea on (minus the pool, of course. And the beautiful patio. And the park-like garden).


But in the meantime, I have some pretty bottles (somewhere) that I can put these in to brighten up the house until Spring arrives.
You may recall in a previous post at the beginning of the year, that I was taking the 52-week money challenge. I’m pleased to say that I have been sticking to this and now have the grand sum of $21.00 in my savings account! Even though it’s still a very small amount, I am getting quite a bit of satisfaction at watching this grow every two weeks.
Well, it’s ice-cream time, and Coronation Street and then a nice cup of tea!
Talk to you soon.

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