All Work and No Play … and a Junk Food Weekend!


Have you ever had one of those weeks where you were too exhausted to even heat up leftovers, let alone cook?

This past month I’ve had nothing but research papers to write and PowerPoint presentations on both of them which has been taking up my afternoons, evenings and weekends. In the middle of all this, I was sick with the flu and had to take a day off to languish on the couch and sigh. Tori was wonderful at looking after me and doing all the housework, laundry and cooking. Although I think it was more to get me back to school FAST, than about my actual wellbeing :). I am not a very good patient and, apparently, whined a lot – although I don’t remember that part! His ministrations worked and I was back to school the next day. I managed to finish the paper and the presentation. I find that the more I do the presentations, the more confident I become and no longer shrink away from public speaking – too much. I think it also helps to do a power point presentation so that the audience has something else to look at other than me! J

By Friday, I was so exhausted, I could barely stay awake at 5:00 pm! And so begun the weekend of take out, junk food and eating out. Pizza on Friday night (of course!) and an assortment of junk food on Saturday while watching a movie

 followed by Nando’s for supper (I LOVE Nando’s). Sunday morning saw us at a new breakfast location (well, new to us), Cora’s, which has become our favourite breakfast restaurant.

Cappuccino coffee, Eggs benedict and fruit so beautifully presented I almost didn’t want to eat it! But I soon got over that.

It was easy to do nothing all weekend as it snowed non-stop the entire time

I still haven’t managed to get any Etsy stuff done, but I have some ideas for some beautiful tea towels and will get started on those tomorrow. I love them so much, I will make a few for myself as well.



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