Spring cleaning part of the Kitchen & New Bedding

Hello Friends.

Well, it’s been a tough week getting myself ready for yet another exam on Friday. I don’t think my brain’s worked this hard in years! I was looking forward to relaxing in my back yard with a couple of glasses of wine, maybe puttering around getting the vegetable garden ready and sanding the little shelf thingy in the kitchen. But all of that was not to be. Despite the weather man’s promise of sunshine, it didn’t happen! More rain.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little under the weather – maybe another cold coming on – but I had to at least make a start on the kitchen as it was getting a little out of hand. So I cleaned up some of the cupboards, especially the pesky corner cupboard that had oodles of room, but not all that accesable as it’s in such an awkward position. I have thought about getting one of those lazy susan thingies, but I don’t want to install it as I don’t know if we’re going to be here that long. So I ended up putting all the stuff I didn’t use that much in there and then throwing all kinds of other stuff into it as well and ended up with this mess

This meant that to get to anything useful, not only did I have to crawl around on all fours, but I had to move all sorts of junk to get to it! So the first thing I did was take everything out of it.

I found all sorts of things I’d been looking for for a while now. That lovely blue vase, the mason jar, a white cannister I had been wondering about, and about 8 empty jars I’m planning to make candle holders out of – I wondered where they had all got to! My plan for the empty jars is to have Mr. Cottage Heaven make something like this

We have some chains left over from hanging pictures, so I don’t have to spend a thing!

But I digress … after reorginizing it all, I ended up with this
Much better.
I also found the baggie thing that I used to put used plastic grocery bags in. I had been using this arrangement
which is an eyesore and fell off the door handle every time I opened or closed the door! Not such a great idea after all. So I hung the plastic bag holder somewhere out of the way but still accessible
and … problem solved!
After that I did a quick wiping down of all the kitchen cupboard doors and the fridge door – all of which seemed to have some kind of brown liquid spilled down them. Honestly, I don’t know how they get like that. I’m pretty sure that I don’t throw coffee or gravy at them and I usually wipe the cupboard doors down every day or two. While I was doing that, I noticed that my new fancy schmancy dish dryer was looking a little, er, cloudy. One tends to overlook these kinds of things since the dishes that sit of them are supposed to be clean, but they do get grungy over time. So I washed that and the cutlery holder
and finally, the book holder that props up my recipes books when I’m cooking.
I thought my eyesight was getting worse, but it turns out that it was the smudges on the the glass cover 🙂
After sweeping and washing the floor, I ran out of steam, so the other half of the kitchen will have to wait for another day and it was time for some shopping therapy anyway.
After spring cleaning my bedroom a few weeks ago, I decided that my bedding was looking a little, er, worn out, so off to the bedding store we went and bought new sheets and a comforter.
Now I’m sure you’re all thinking, as was I, that white is not exactly the most practical of colours for my bed, especially with 3 dogs in the house, but I fell in love with this and with the feel of it all and so threw caution to the wind and brought it all home. During the coming week, I will dress it up with some french country pillow cases and post them.
While we were shopping – I bought some lovely clothes for spring and a new pair of running shoes – we put a deposit down on a new mattress which we will pay for next weekend and have delivered. The mattress we have now is just horrible. It was given to us, almost new, by a dear friend. What we didn’t know (or even asked about) was that it was extra firm!! Now I’m sure that’s just perfect for a lot of people out there, but it never worked for us. I thought I would get used to it after a few months, but it’s been 3 years now and my poor old body still aches all over – and Mr. Cottage Heaven too. So, we finally capitulated and bought ourselves a mattress to suit our needs. I’m so looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep again where I don’t wake up aching all over.
All that shopping made us extremely hungry and so we popped into the Spaghetti Factory for Pesto Chicken, salad, a limoncello martini and decaden chocolate torte!
I’m noticing all sorts of things starting to bud and bloom in my garden. This pretty little yellow tree
and some more bulbs
All three of my rose bushes have loads of buds on them, including the one that I ‘rescued’ in the fall and moved. I wasn’t sure if it would survive, but it has.
Hopefully I’ll manage to sand and paint the little shelving unit next week and post it. I’ll probably be able to give the dining room buffet it’s face lift next weekend also, so watch this space.
Cheers for now.

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