Found! The Perfect Coffee Table

mother's day flowers

Aren’t these pretty? They were sent to me by my youngest son for Mother’s Day! I think under the instruction of his lovely, lovely girlfriend.

The quest for the perfect coffee table has ended! I scoured all the second-hand stores in my area because my budget didn’t allow for a new one – or so I thought. However, I was wrong! I found the perfect thing at Ikea for … $25.00. Just my luck they were having a sale this weekend. Here’s the old one – it worked great in my old house, but in this smaller space, it was just too long

New Couch

Here’s the new one
Coffee table
coffee table2
Much better, don’tcha think? Now I can walk through the living room without having to sidestep around stuff or hurt my shins by walking into stuff. Ok, so I’m a bit of a clutz, which is a good excuse as any to get a new coffee table 🙂
I found a great spot for the old coffee table – underneath the window in my kitchen. Now I have a place for my laptop which means I can actually use my dining room table for eating at without having to move a whole bunch of stuff off it first! I’m slowly getting the hang of this small-space living.
old coffee table
George thought it was put there just for him
george coffee table
While we were at Ikea, we spotted a lovely new cushion for our sad old chair. The old cover was one of those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” things. In fact the black cloth attracted everything – dust, dog fur, cat fur – you name it. At the same time, it never seemed to sit properly on the chair, making it look like it was leaning to one side – very sad. I seem to have deleted the photo I had of poor old sad chair. But we found a black leather one – well, I don’t think it’s real leather – but it looks great and will be easy to clean and the chair no longer looks sad anymore. The good news is that my dog doesn’t like it anymore as it’s obvioulsy not soft enough or warm enough for her liking!
Chair cover
A few weeks ago we bought a new juicer (see my Quit Smoking Challenge page). With the new juicer came an overabundance of fruit and vegetables which posed a problem of where to put it all. We scoured Ikea for some kind of hanging basket arrangement, but couldn’t seem to find anything that would work in our kitchen/dining area, so we bought two baskets and Mr. Thisupcycledlife is going to attach chains to it and turn it into a hanging fruit basket. I hope this happens soon – his reputation in the past has been to have it kicking around the room in the hopes that the hanging basket fairies show up and do the work! I may have to resort to nagging tactics.
fruit baskets
In his defense, he did hang the fairy lights outside. I’ll post a picture of them later on this week when I’ve taken a photo of them at night. We also bought some new lamps for the dining room. As soon as they have been installed (hopefully this week), I’ll post pics of them also.
Until then, I hope you all have a great week.


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