Round and Round I Go – It’s Making My Head Spin!!

Hello everyone,

I’ve had little time for anything else, but I did manage to tend to my little rose bush that seems to have doubled in size in a year. I’m afraid I don’t seem to have a photo of it from last year, but I’ll tell you this much, it certainly didn’t need anything to prop it up – this year, I had to tie it to a trellis

roses closeup

roses & honeysuckle

along with the Honeysuckle we bought last week. It seems to be thriving with two or three new flowers about to bloom. The rose bush was laden with buds last weekend



Which have now opened
roses in bloom
roses in bloom2

In between all this lunatic work and keeping up with the housework and the laundry and cutting the grass and trying to keep the weeds at bay, we took ourselves to a biker party on Saturday to see friends we hadn’t seen for quite a few months. I think I overdid the vodka just a little and ended up doing things like this

Tammy & Jane

 And this
2014 dice run
And this
Yes, it was fun and we needed it and I’m sure there’ll be quite a few more of those visits – except with a lot less alcohol!!

Tomorrow, being Canada Day and, therefore, a holiday – we are going to finish a big chunk of our redecorating plans. We’ve had to make a few changes since we made the decision to move. So we’re no loner going to paint or replace the sad old carpet. But we are going to buy furniture for our dining room and furniture for our kitchen tomorrow. I’m so excited. I will post before and after pictures tomorrow.
But for now – a nice cup of tea.

Mission waterfall

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