Yes, That’s My Final Garbage Bag! Plus Kitchen and Dining Area Upgrade

Whiterock sunset

Well, I think I’ve done it! I think my house is completely de-cluttered. There doesn’t seem to be anything now that we don’t use or absolutely love. It’s such a great feeling. I de-cluttered the kitchen cupboards and put these into the “donate” pile

kitchen declutter

And then found some more and a basket I hate (because it’s so flimsy)

crockery declutter

Clothes and shoes that either don’t work anymore or were part of a “it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time” plan, but when I got them home, turned into “what was I thinking?”

black bags

And finally, piles of very old papers for shredding. After all, it’s a paperless world now, right? 🙂
All the clothes, shoes and household stuff has been loaded into the trunk of my car to drop off at the thrift store tomorrow.

o we went to Ikea on Tuesday, like I said we would. And bought the stuff we were going to buy – except for one thing. We were going to buy a little office nook thingy which would have fitted in a corner and would have solved the problem of where to keep our lap tops and tablets, pens, notebooks and other office-y stuff, but we acquired a bar fridge from our lovely next door neighbours and now the office nook thingy won’t fit in the space we had planned for it. So we decided to hold off until we move and then re-think where it will go.

For a year now, the kitchen cart we had next to the stove has been a necessary piece of furniture because there’s no kitchen unit there, but also an annoyance because it’s a little too long for that space and we’ve had to squeeze between it and the washing machine to get through the door at the far end of the room. I’ve walked into either the cart or the washing machine more than once over the months. This house wasn’t designed for washers and dryers – they hadn’t thought of them in 1945.
kitchen before3
kitchen before2
kitchen before
So we bought a new, smaller kitchen cart.
kitchen after
kitchen cart2
And you can see there’s a lot more space.

Tori also attached hooks to the kitchen cart for the kitchen utensils. As you can see, this arrangement wasn’t working very well
kitchen utensils before
kitchen utensils before2
So now we have this, which is much better!
kitchen utensils after
kitchen utensils after2
Next – the dining area. I loved the open shelving unit we had in there
dining room before
dining room before2
but everything got so dusty very quickly and I had to wash something before I used it and then wash the whole thing on weekends when I should have been sipping margueritas outside on my deck!. So we moved the big kitchen cart that was next to the stove, into the dining area to hold the coffee maker and kettle, and house the mugs, coffee, tea and table linen, and we bought a cabinet for the rest of the stuff. What we didn’t need we de-cluttered (as above) or moved to another cupboard.
And this is the result
dining room after
All the clutter on the shelves above the cabinet is gone!
dining room shelves
In fact, we now have lots of space and plenty of storage room. I love it !
I did have one dilemma I hadn’t thought of. I now had nowhere to put my drinks. But I solved that problem by making a space on the chest in the living room
drinks tray
drinks tray2
I will be adding more Tequila in the very near future!
Now that the de-cluttering is over, I can now concentrate on redecorating. Watch this space!
Have a lovely weekend.

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