A Day Just For Me!

garden table

Hello pleasure-seekers,

I have almost always felt a little guilty about seeking pleasure when there are so many things to get done first – household chores, making sure the family is fed and watered – the list goes on and on. But the other day I was reminded that pleasure is a necessary part of living when I heard this …

“Pleasure is not a luxury. It should be prescribed, put in calendars and marked priority. It should be served with grapes, mixed with music and taken with friends. Because pleasure is the one thing we could all use a little more of.”

And why not? It makes us feel wonderful, and when we feel wonderful, we make others feel wonderful. I find that after indulging in a little pleasure, I feel energized and motivated to go about my daily chores.

So, on Friday, I decided to allow myself to indulge in complete frivolous pleasure at least once a week. Something just for me. I decided that I am going to savour every minute, enjoy every minute, and not feel the least bit guilty about this lovely indulgence.

tiki suntanning

Almost as if the Universe had heard me, my friend messaged me on facebook and invited me to her house for turkey dinner. Yes, you heard that correctly – turkey dinner in July! What a wonderful idea!

My old self would have started feeling guilty straight away. Guilty about leaving my dogs couped up in the house for 5 or 6 hours while I indulge myself. Guilty that I should be getting on with the laundry or the yardwork. But this time, when I felt those feelings coming up, I took a couple of deep breaths and remember that pleasure is NOT a luxury and it should be taken with friends. And so I went about my household chores yesterday morning, feeling really good about things. And because I felt so good about it, I enjoyed my chores more and took the time to stand back and admire my handywork with … pleasure.

Then I took my dogs out into the back yard and picked blueberries to take as a gift. While I was out there, I threw a couple of balls for them because that’s what gives them pleasure and we could all do with a little more of that. Also, to give them some exercise because I wouldn’t be walking them that day. My blue nose pit bull was so happy to be playing with a ball outside, she had a huge smile on her face. This made me smile. And then I realized that indulging in pleasure has a ripple effect. In deciding to afford myself a little pleasure every now and then, has resulted in my giving pleasure also!

And so, with a clean house, my flowers watered, my dogs happy, I left the house feeling pretty okay about it all. I spent an incredible afternoon with my friend and her amazing children – now young adults. I allowed myself to indulge in relaxing on her patio-garden, enjoying the beautiful flowers and vegetables, enjoying the sunshine, the cool breeze and the pleasure of their company.

Jennifer's garden

Jennifer's garden2

Jennifer's garden3

Jennifer's garden4

Jennifer's garden5

Jennifer's garden6

Today, I find myself more relaxed, more tolerant, less irritable and ready to do something pleasurable again today 🙂

So from now on, don’t feel guilty about indulging in some pleasure just for you – it’s good for you and good for everyone around you!

See ya later!


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