Final Touch to the Living Room and Glorious Summer!!

Well, it’s summer and time for my amazing hairdresser to work her magic with my greying hair. So I decided to do something different this time and I asked her to add some purple streaks. This is the result and I just love it!

Purple hair 2 - Aug 2014

Purple hair purple hair2

It was a long weekend here in British Columbia and we were determined to make the most of it. I have come to view my weekends – long or otherwise – as mini holidays. I used to go into the weekends with the attitude that I would spend an entire day cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping … and then spend the other day relaxing and doing whatever people do on weekends. But it never worked out that way. I was always too exhausted from cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping … to enjoy my day off! And anyway, one day is not enough to recharge my batteries. So instead of doing everything on the weekend, I spread it out over the week leaving me with more time on the weekends to enjoy.

A quick trip back to Ikea to pick up a theatre-style lamp as a finishing touch to our living room. Tori has been hankering after this lamp for, oh, about a year.

Lamp Lamp2

Then to the beach with our dogs. Garry Point in Steveston is great for this. MJ just loves the water and will fetch a stick thrown for her, over and over and over and over … you get the picture

Beach - MJ at Garry Point - Aug. 2014 Beach - MJ2-Aug 2014 Beach - MJ3-Aug 2014

After that, we watched a man fly two kites so skillfully as to make them look like birds

Beach - KIte at Garry Point Beach - Kite2 at Garry Point

Beach - Kite3 at Garry Point

Beautiful, huh?

And then we just sat for a while and enjoyed the day
Beach - Jane at Garry point2 - aug 2013
Garry Point - Aug 2014
Garry point Aug 2014
I think sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives, always running around doing … stuff, that we forget just to sit and take in the beauty that this life has to offer us. Just to sit and do nothing – just for a while.

Back home again, we got ourselves a drink and sat in our hammocks under the trees
Jane3-July 2014
And put out feet up and relaxed some more
I hope you all find time to spend relaxing or enjoying doing something just for yourselves.
See ya later!


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