Daily Minimums: A Cleaning Must for Organized Families



Hello everyone! 

Between work, children’s activities and trying to get everyone fed and out the door every day, there doesn’t seem to be much time to clean house. Even the weekends don’t seem long enough to get everything done at home.

That’s where “daily minimums” come in. I made up a list of these for myself one day when I was feeling overwhelmed at the mounting household chores and no time to do them in. I figured that if I couldn’t do a thorough clean of the house every day (and let’s face it, who can?), then I could at least devise a list of essential household chores to keep things running at a basic level.What’s on the list?

Well, every family has slightly different needs, but most daily minimum checklists provide for these functions:

  • Meals: prep and cook, clean dishes, grocery shopping
  • Laundry: clean clothing
  • Household management: once-a-day pick-up, cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen.

My checklist looks something like this:

Every Day:

  • Wipe down shower tiles (I do this while I’m in the shower every morning)
  • Quick clean of the toilet  -I put toilet cleaner into the toilet just before I get into the shower and then give it a quick swoosh with the toilet brush when I get out, and then quick wipe of the bowl and toilet seat and lid.
  • Wipe down the basin and surrounding area (after I brush my teeth)
  • Make the bed and quick pick up of clothes (while I’m getting dressed)
  • Tidy kitchen & run the dishwasher
  • run one load of laundry, fold and put away.
  • quick pick up of living room.

Every Week:

  • Pay Bills
  • Shop for groceries
  • Vacuum/sweep floors
  • Clean bathrooms

Next step – delegate! Every member of the family should take part in keeping the household functioning. Assign one or more daily minimums to each member of the family. That way, the chores get done faster.

Post your daily minimum list where everyone can see it, like the fridge door, or an area central to the family.

Until next time




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