Redecorating the Fireplace/Mantle on a shoestring


mantle/fireplace makeover on a shoestring

Hello everyone,

I often want a new look – or a fresher look – in my house without spending tons of money. This household on runs a very tight budget, but that doesn’t mean that our house can’t look good.

I have learned to “shop at home” first before rushing out to buy something new, and I find that, most of the time, I have a lot of what I need right in the next room – or garage, or storage space.

I’ve been wanting to freshen up my fire place/mantle since taking down the Christmas decorations at the beginning of this month, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. At present my mantle looks like this


Last week I found this on Pinterest

Coastal style home decor is so relaxing and can make any space very inviting. And who says you have to live near the coast or beach to decorate that way? Light blues, nautical accents, and driftwoods aged (aka stained or painted) to perfection are all you need to accomplish a bright and welcoming coastal style …:


and it became the inspiration for my own mantle. There is no way that it’s going to look even close to this picture, since I don’t have some of the things, and the decor on the floor won’t work in my house with a toddler and kittens, but I had a lot of the same kinds of things in my house – I just needed to nip out to the dollar store and buy the flowers.

Some time ago, I was given this window that I thought might work with the flowers on my deck


but somehow that never really took off, so I brought it inside to use on the mantle.

Then, I tried using a jug for the flowers, but it turned out to be too big and overpowering, so I went with a tall bottle instead.

So the first step was to take everything off


And then to shop around my house for some lovely things – a gift from my daughter, a wooden cat I found in a little store years ago, and some beachy things that I love. A quick trip to the dollar store for some pretty yellow flowers, and …


I LOVE how it’s turned out and it only cost me $10.00!


For more decorating on a budget and Ikea hacks, click here




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