Small Space Solutions – Reorganizing A Bathroom Drawer

Hello all. We have 4 and a 1/2 people sharing 1 and a 1/2 bathrooms. That means 4 (and a 1/2) of us sharing the cupboard/drawer space of this bathroom cabinet. There are only 2 drawers – the one in the middle is a fake panel.


Hubby and I share only one of these drawers. Initially, I thought that a converted kitchen utensil tray seemed like a good idea to contain all our stuff

messy drawer.jpg

Clearly, that was not working for us. But a trip to the … yes, you guessed it … Dollar Store … solved that problem. I bought a few containers of different sizes


What I like about these containers is that they have a non-slip film at the bottom and little rubber “feet” so they don’t move around in the drawer.

I reorganized our stuff according to size. The longer things in the longer container – hubby’s razors and such



And some of my make up in the square container – eye shadow, little mirror, eyelash curler, nail varnish


and lipsticks and mascara in the smaller container


smaller stuff in the tiny containers – nail clippers, small scissors, tweezers,

Put it all together … and …


I LOVE it! Now I can find everything I need – fast! And it only cost me $6.00!

Talk to you soon



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