A Dining Room Cabinet Vignette – LOVE!


Hello Bloggie friends! We finally had some sun this weekend – no more snow! Yay!

The top of this cabinet seemed to be a place to store empty bottles that didn’t have a home yet


The plant was originally on the Mantle, but my cat developed a fatal attraction for it, and knocked it off several times! So I moved it to the top of this cabinet to save it from being killed by my kitty.

On Saturday, hubby and I decided to do something about the eyesore. I had a few leftover flowers from the Mantle/Fireplace Makeover.  So I cut a few sprigs and put them in two of the glass containers that was cluttering the top of the cabinet


and put them next to the green bottle


I loved how the two colours really worked together.

Next I added an owl candle holder my daughter gave me for Christmas


And finally, the plant that I saved from a fate worse than death


Beautiful! I LOVE it.


We had two milk bottles leftover which we’ll find a home for … one day.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back tomorrow with this week’s menu plan.

Cheers for now



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