How I (re) Organized my Powder Room/Laundry Room

Hello everyone. It’s mid-week, so not long to go until the weekend.

We live in a small townhouse, so I’m always looking for ways to optimize our space while making it functional and pleasing to the eye also. We have a powder room on the first floor that doubles as a laundry room. It didn’t seem that long ago that I organized and decluttered this space (time goes by so fast, doesn’t it?), but yesterday while I was cleaning in there, I noticed that it wasn’t exactly organized or pleasing to the eye. This is the washroom that my guests use (and some of the family), so it should at least be a pleasant place to be.

On the laundry side of this room was a jumbled mess of all sorts of cleaning products. We have very little space in the kitchen for these, and so I use this space for non-laundry-related cleaners as well.


The cupboard under the sink wasn’t much better


And the room in general looked messy and uninviting


So I decided, first of all, to do something about the cleaning products on the shelf above the washer and dryer. I had two square, wicker baskets that have been lurking underneath my coffee table for the longest time – with absolutely nothing in them. So I decided to put them to better use. I love repurposing things I already have!



But not before giving the shelf a quick dusting first


I transferred some of the cleaning products from the powder room cupboard to free up some space in there, and then reorganized it all so we could find things quickly and easily


And then I straightened everything up and added some flowers that I found kicking around the house



And done! I love it and I hope my guests and family will too!

Until next time …


P.S. If you felt like this post was helpful and you want to say thanks, I’d be honored if you’d use my affiliate links within this post.

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