Care and Maintenance of Wood Cutting Boards


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Hello and happy Friday!

My wooden cutting boards are one of my most used and loved kitchen tools.

Here’s some simple advise on caring for your wooden cutting boards. Oil your wooden boards regularly and they’ll never warp or crack.


Wood or Plastic?

This is based solely on personal preference. I use wooden cutting boards for all of my kitchen prep, which is often fruit and vegetable-oriented. I love wood because it’s the best choice for maintaining sharper knives. And I just like the way it looks.  I’ve had two of my wooden cutting boards for over 10 years. I often serve food right off my cutting board for a rustic look.

How to Maintain

I give my boards a good scrub with hot, soapy water after using. Don’t soak your boards in water or they’ll crack and warp – the same goes for putting them in the dishwasher. You can use a very weak bleach solution or hydrogen peroxide after cutting raw meat.

The oil you use for your wooden cutting boards should be food grade and not prone to rancidity. Mineral oil is an inexpensive and popular choice, and you can easily find bottles in most kitchen supply stores. Personally, I like to use extra virgin olive oil.

Before oiling the, make sure they are very clean. They should also be completely dry.

Putting oil on cutting board

Using a clean, soft cloth or paper towel, spread the oil evenly over the surface of the wood in an even layer. Let it soak in – overnight, if possible – or at least for a few hours

Wiping oil across board

Remove the excess oil with a paper towel

Before and after oiling




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