Ikea Hack! New Pantry Makeover

Hi everyone! We’ve been planning out Pantry makeover for a few weeks now and I’m excited to say that we finally got it done this weekend!

I found the inspiration for this at Apartment Therapy and wanted to do something similar

This is what the original pantry cupboard looked like


Not very interesting.

Hubby wasn’t too keen on the aqua colour in the Apartment Therapy photos, so we decided to paint the inside a bright yellow and the outside white to brighten up that space as it can be quite dark in that area. We also decided to buy some matching containers for all the dry goods, and some labels from the dollar store.


While hubby got on with the painting, I labelled the containers – good work-split, don’t you think? 🙂


Of course, we removed all the food from the pantry – it seemed to be all over the place! And the shelves were also removed. No need to sand anything as we bought it ‘raw.’

pantry before

And then the painting began

pantry beginning

First Coat

pantry first coat

Under some supervision

willow supervising.JPG

Once the second coat was on, we took the doors off to paint the outside white and we also painted the doors and the edge of the shelves the same colour.

pantry finished3

We bought new knobs as the old ones were very small and hard to grip, and dipped them in the yellow paint. When they were dry, they were added to the doors

pantry door knobs

Cute huh!

In the meantime, I finished off the labeling and filling of the containers.

pantry food in containers

More supervision.

willow supervising2

And put everything back into the Pantry

pantry filled

I LOVE it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.



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