How I Organized My Closet


Hi everyone. Our bedroom closet was starting to become messy again. With Spring just around the corner (I hope somebody tells Mother Nature soon), I thought today would be a good day to do some reorganization.

messy closet

Uugh – you see what I mean, right? The only thing I bought for this project was a shoe rack.

closet-shoe rack

As usual, I started by taking everything out of the closet


Oh my … what have I started?

closet-clothes everywherecloset-clothes everywhere2

closet-clothes everywhere3

closet-clothes everywhere4

But at least I could see what needed to go back in, and what could be stored somewhere else, tossed or donated. Until I get my office back (another month or two and my kids and grandson will be getting their own place), the drawers and concertina file need to stay. As does my sewing machine and related things.

closet-drawer back

There were some things in this tub that I purged

closet-work stuff3

and added Hubby’s work stuff to it. He’s at home with a work injury, so we need somewhere to store his things.

closet-work stuff

It went back to it’s original position.

closet-work stuff away

I also stored some of his other work things on the top shelf, out of the way

closet-work clothes back

I started with the hanging stuff first as it seemed the easiest :). There were several coats of Hubby’s that could be moved to the downstairs closet. Then I started with the things that he wears the least and put them in the back – suits, dress pants and the like

closet-jackets back

Next, the shirts – nothing to purge here

closet-shirts back

And then his pants.

closet-jeans back

Looking good. Finally, the ties and belts

closet-ties & belts back

On to the shelves. First of all, I sorted everything into like items – short-sleeved tee shirts, long sleeved tee shirts, hoodies – you get the picture. Then I put them back placing the things he wears the most on the most accessible shelf and so on.

Short-sleeved tee shirts

closet-tshirts back

Underneath that, long-sleeved tee shirts and gym clothes

closet-long sleeved shirts back

and hoodies on the bottom shelf.

closet-hoodies back

There were a few odds and ends left, but I had run out of shelf space. A few months ago, Hubby had bought some plastic containers for his garage. I stole two of them for these things – tank-top undershirts

hats and odds and ends

closet-odds and ends container

closet containers

Perfect! And Hubby’s side is done!

closet-tori done2

Not bad, right?

My side was easier as there was no shelving to deal with (I have some clothes in a chest of drawers). Under some supervision by Willow.

closet-cat inspection

I purged some stuff

closet-purged stuff

I was going to donate these shoes as they are a tad too high, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it – sigh!

shoes couln't purge

Once again, I put things back according to how much I wear them.


closet-dresses in

Yes, only two – the other summer dresses are still in storage.

My Red Hat Society clothes

closet-red hat stuff in


closet-sweaters in


closet-shirts in

And pants.

closet-pants in

Last to go in, the shoes neatly on my new shoe rack

closet-shoes in

Aaaand done!

closet done

It’s just as well I have photographic evidence because it might not stay like this for very long. Fingers crossed.

I hope this inspired you. Leave a comment and let me know how you got on!



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