Weekend Project – Ikea Hack: Kitchen Island to Drinks Trolley

drinks-top view

Hello Lovely Readers and happy Monday!! It’s raining here (again). We actually had a bit of a break on Saturday and we took the opportunity to visit lovely Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver.

Over the weekend, my VERY clever husband turned our old Ikea kitchen island into a drinks trolley.

Old bar trolley

I’ve been wanting one for a very long time, but we have limited space in our little townhouse and, despite scouring many thrift stores and flea markets over the months, I couldn’t find one that would work. We bought the Ikea Kitchen Island as extra kitchen counter space in our old house, but it didn’t fit into our tiny kitchen in this house. It’s been rattling around in the garage for the last two years. I don’t know why it took so long (yes, I’m a bit slow!), but last week I realized that it would make a wonderful drinks trolley and fit perfectly into the narrow space between our kitchen and living room, currently being occupied by the cat litter!

Kitchen Stools

We decided on copper piping for the railing, a dark gray for the top and a rich wood stain for the bottom. To keep it stable, hubby inserted a T-bar at the back in the middle

Ikea Hack-copper t-bar in place

and then added the piping.

back railing in

A couple of elbow joints and the sides were added

sides done2

back railing in2

Then he took it all off again to sand and paint it. Sanding first, of course

and stained the bottom pieces

Lastly, the top was painted and left to dry overnight

Once it was dry, Hubby put it all back together again. We decided to let it dry one more night.

done2done-backdone-side angle

And this morning, I added all things related to drinking! Except for the wine bottles – they’ll be placed on the bottom shelf which is still a little tacky.

drinks (2)

Ikea Hack - Drinks Trolley

drinks-top view

drinks trolley

Beautiful, no? It’s perfect! Cocktails anyone?


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