Chair Makeover in an Afternoon

Hello all. I love turning stuff nobody wants into something beautiful – or repurposing my own stuff. A few months ago we found this chair sitting next to a dumpster outside a thrift store.

old chair

We had been looking for a chair for our bedroom and when I saw this one, looking sad and rejected, I knew it just had to come home with us. It sat around in our garage for a bit until I saw a curtain panel in WalMart and knew I’d found the material for this chair. So, one weekend, Hubby and I got down to transforming it.

First we took it apart (or rather, Hubby took it apart for me 🙂 ).

Chair reno2

We were going to paint it white, but decided not to as we decided we loved it the way it was (although … I might still paint it white when we tweak our bedroom in a month or so).

I made padding for the back with batting and then folded the material over it and sewed it together

And then Hubby tacked it to the back of the chair

Chair reno8

While he was doing that, I tacked the material to the seat

And …. done!!

Chair reno11


Perfect for reading in our bedroom. Total cost – about $15 (for the curtain panel)


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