Table Makeover – Before & After

Hello everyone! Over the last week or so, Hubby has been very busy refinishing our dining room table. We bought this table and five chairs at a thrift store about three years ago. This is what it looked like when we brought it home.

Table Before before

Not very interesting, right?

We sanded it and stained it a blue/gray colour. But, frequent use took it’s toll and it started to look, well, patchy

Table before1

Table before2

So we gave it an upgrade.

First of all, Hubby sanded it

Then the first coat of stain was wiped on with a cloth

We spent an afternoon contemplating whether we wanted it that colour, or whether it needed another coat. We went with the darker coat.

Table-2nd coat going on

Once it was dry, Hubby varnished it to seal in the colour. It spent a couple more days in the garage drying and the little bumps were sanded out. The bottom half of the the table also got a fresh coat of white paint.

And … done!


Table done3

Table done4

Table done2

Beautiful, yes? I LOVE it!! And the best part – total cost about $50.

See you soon!


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