Places to Visit in Vancouver : Buddhist Temple – Richmond, BC

Hello everyone! There are so many things to do in Vancouver, but the Buddhist Temple is a MUST. Not only is it a tourist attraction, it’s also a lovely, peaceful place to visit, full of positive energy.


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It has a hushed air about it amongst the splendour and tranquility of it all. It’s magnificent structural complex is modeled after the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

The temple features Chinese imperial architecture in all its glory and the tranquil grounds resemble a scholar’s courtyard in ancient China.

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We stopped at the entrance to admire a carving of Buddha, the smell of incense filled our nostrils and everywhere were beautiful offerings of flowers and fruit.

Image result for images of buddhist temple richmond

Image result for images of buddhist temple richmond



And then made our way to the Classical Chinese Garden

The Classical Chinese Garden is a place of serenity and beauty – just what was needed after a week in the rat race. This area accurately recreates Deer Park where the Buddha Sukamuni delivered the first sermon to his five disciples thousands of years ago. There are beautiful lotus ponds and bonsai trees, and the twin gazebos provide visitors with a respite from hectic urban life. Of all the things to do in Vancouver, this was certainly one of the most beautiful.

Image result for images of buddhist temple richmond

Image result for images of buddhist temple richmond

At the Wisdom Fountain, you can learn about the Buddhist principle of purifying the mind to discover our true nature. Or just sit and drink in the beauty and peacefulness of it all. I could feel the tension leaving my shoulders.

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After entering the Temple, we came to Seven Buddha Pavillion in Worshiping Square – or their main courtyard

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It houses magnificent statues of the Four Heavenly Kings as well as two incredible works of art: The Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (don’t ask me to pronounce that!) with ten thousand hands and ten thousand eyes (hmmm, something all mothers need 🙂 )

And the Seven Buddha mural

This is the work of artist Fung Kai Mun and it took him two years to paint this mural.


Our next stop, Main Gracious Hall is the main building of the temple and is the central place of worship where the monks, nuns and lay Buddhists pray and chant every day.

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There is a Zen Kitchen below where vegetarian meals are served

and an arts and crafts gift shop on the third floor.

Five magestic and enormous statues are housed in this building – just maginificent!!

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Tens of thousands of visitors come to The Thousand Buddha Hall every year. They receive advice about all matters of their daily life, health, prosperity or family well-being. This hall is particularly busy during the Chinese New Year celebrations. If you’re looking for things to do in Vancouver over this period, the Buddhist Temple is definitely the place to visit.

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This hall is primarily used for meditation classes and Dharma talks. The first floor accommodates over 300 people and the second floor, 150 people.

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It houses several beautiful statues including the grand Buddha statue whose face changes from mystical to serene with the light. There is also a brilliant, custom designed chandelier.

There are so many beautiful things to see here, that more than one visit is required to take it all in. Visit their website for hours, upcoming events and much more.

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