Ikea Hack: Patio Dining Set Makeover – Beachy, Greek Island Look

Hello everyone! Spring has been slow to arrive here in Vancouver … and she still seems to be having a bit of a problem, but we are at least getting sunshine every other day (or so), which is nothing to sneeze at. It means that we can spend more and more time in our very-small-mostly-deck backyard.

A couple of years ago, we bought an Ikea Patio Set (or an “outdoor dining set.” 🙂 ) similar to this one

Ikea patio set

Only now, it looks like this

Ikea hack: patio dining set

We were always going to paint it – we just never got around to it until now. Unfortunately, it had been left outside for an entire winter, and I realized how awful it looked when a friend of ours mentioned he could get us a “really nice used patio set” to replace “that tatty old one.”  Well, I know it looks tatty, but it’s really not that old.

So, a couple of weeks ago, hubby made this his priority. I wanted a beach-y, Greek Island feel, so we chose to paint them blue and white.

He started with the chairs – sanded them first and then painted them

Ikea Hack: patio dining chair

Looking better already, right?

And then the table. Annnnd ….

Ikea Hack: Outdoor dining set

Makes you want to grab a glass of [insert beverage of choice here] and spend a few hours out here, yes?  I LOVE it! We are going to spend many happy barbecues and glasses of wine together.


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