Small Space Solutions and Fall Decorating

Sit awhile

Hi Guys! Still trying to catch up from my bloggy glitch where I lost most of my content (grrrr).  As you may know, we moved from an 1,110 sq. ft. townhouse to a 650 sq. ft. beach cottage (you can read about that here), so it’s a continuous process finding places to put everything where we can find them again quickly and easily.  Our kitchen was the main problem as there is very little counter space.

Beach cottage kitchen

We ended up using our drinks trolley as a temporary coffee/tea station. Buuuut, not long after we moved in, we visited my favourite furniture store, Ikea, and bought a little kitchen island to help with counter space and provide more drawers and shelving to put stuff in.

Ikea kitchen island

Finally got our ‘junk’ drawer back and a place to put extra kitchen utensils and tin foil.

And space for mixing bowls and measuring jugs things like that

That meant that I now had counter space for the coffee/tea/toaster

and our drinks trolley could go back to being a drinks trolley

This makes me very happy 🙂

The next problem I had is that we have no storage space for anything but our clothes.  In our old house (the one that was double the size), we had a linen cupboard that we bought from, yes, Ikea, but there was nowhere to put it in this tiny cottage, so our linen was sharing the wardrobe with our clothes. This wasn’t exactly ideal, so I freed up some space in the drawers under our our bed

Bedroom storage

and put the sheets & pillowcases in there

Bedroom Storage

Much better! Now I can find my clothes.

Next – our pantry. Because we had this pantry cupboard near the kitchen in our townhouse, I assumed that it would stay that way in our new cottage.

But because of where the windows have been placed, it wasn’t possible to have it right next to the kitchen making it quite inconvenient to reach things when I was cooking. So I moved a lot of the things I use all the time into the corner cupboard in the kitchen. It has a revolving shelving unit, making it easy to get to everything

and the things that we had in this cupboard, were moved to a shelf in the pantry cupboard. These are dishes and my slow cooker that I don’t use on a daily basis.

I also moved the spices and condiments that I use a lot in my cooking, to a cupboard next to the stove

The plastics containers that used to be housed in that cupboard, went into the one above the stove

and the recipe books that used to be in here

Got moved to another shelf in the pantry cupboard

Not bad, right?

And then I just puttered around placing some more ornaments I had in boxes

And finished off with a fall arrangement for our front porch.

It’s ever-evolving, but it’s working much better now. This small-space living takes some getting used to.

Talk to you soon!




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