My (almost) Vegetarian Life – Yummy Olive Oil Pasta

Hi Guys! It’s been two weeks since my last post on this. Time is just flying by. I’ve been busying trying to get my house ready for Christmas – just finished off a batch of Christmas jam yesterday. You can read about that here.

I lost 2 lbs last week, but fell off the wagon this weekend by stuffing my face full of chocolate! My sweet tooth is my downfall, so I’ve been researching ways to satisfy it without packing on the pounds. Yesterday I read that dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa is actually good for you. Here’s 7 benefits I found:

  • Protection from Disease-Causing Free Radicals.
  • Potential Cancer Prevention.
  • Improved Heart Health.
  • Good for Overall Cholesterol Profile.
  • Better Cognitive Function.
  • Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Aid.
  • Antioxidant-Rich Superfood.

Unlike other chocolate, I only need 2 squares to satisfy my cravings. I also thought about melting it and then dipping some fruit into it for added benefits.

My (almost) vegetarian life

Here’s this week’s menu:

Monday: Greek Pastitsio – This has ground beef in it and is comfort food, Greek style. It’s perfect for a crowd too. From The Mediterranean Dish

Tuesday: Easy Moroccan Tagine – A simple vegetable tagine recipe packed with warm Moroccan flavors. One of my new favorite one-pot meals. Also from The Mediterranean Dish

Wednesday: Mexican Pinto Beans – Beans are my favourite thing in the world to eat. Soupy and mild in heat, they can be served as a soup or as a side dish over rice or with tortillas. From Skinny Taste

Thursday: Tofu Stirfry. This tastes much better than it sounds. From The Looney Spoons Collection

Friday: Marguerita Pizza – From The Looney Spoons Collection

Saturday: Date Night 🙂

Sunday: Simple Mediterranean Olive Oil Pasta (I add Shrimp to this). From The Mediterranean Dish




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