My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Well, I'm still not sure if I've lost any weight. Our new scale arrived last week, but I guess I'll have to wait a week until I know for sure. I'm certain I haven't gained anything, as my clothes haven't got any tighter!  🙂 When I made the Balsamic Roast Veggie & White Bean Pasta, … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Well, I'm not sure exactly how much weight I lost this week because my scale gave up the ghost. I don't know anyone else that's happened to! We ordered a new one, but it hasn't arrived yet. I can say that my clothes are slightly less tight, so I must have lost something. My lack of … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Small Space Solutions – a Place for Books and a Cozy New Living Room

Hi Guys, I know I keep saying this, but we live in a really small cottage - 650 sq. feet - and I think I'm slowly getting the hang of this small space living. One of the rooms that we hadn't really tackled since moving in, was hubby's man cave. A lot of stuff was … Continue reading Small Space Solutions – a Place for Books and a Cozy New Living Room

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life and, at last – weight loss!

Hello all! I am excited to say that I lost 6.5 lbs last week! Just from switching a few things around and finding alternative snacks. To recap, click here I won't say that I didn't struggle a bit in the beginning, because I did. It's tricky in the beginning to change the habits of a … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life and, at last – weight loss!

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate & Mulled Wine

Hi Guys. Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good holiday and are all getting back to normal. I'm sure glad we are. I love the holidays, but it's quite exhausting. We had a very chocolate Christmas. I picked up some ideas from Jamie Oliver and made this lovely, lacy chocolate It was so … Continue reading Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate & Mulled Wine

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Hi guys, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Ours was filled with lots of chocolate and other yummy things. Of course, I put back on the 4 lbs that I lost, but now that things are back to normal, I have really started to get serious about losing weight while … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life