My (Almost) Vegetarian Life and, at last – weight loss!

Hello all!

I am excited to say that I lost 6.5 lbs last week! Just from switching a few things around and finding alternative snacks. To recap, click here

I won’t say that I didn’t struggle a bit in the beginning, because I did. It’s tricky in the beginning to change the habits of a lifetime, especially when your brain is complaining that it’s not getting it’s chocolate/sugar fix. But, I persisted and in a day or two my brain went off into a corner and sulked and we settled in to our new norm.

This week’s menu is:

Monday: Vege Bowls from Tasty Vegetarian – found on Facebook

Tuesday: Mushroom & Spinach Frittata

Wednesday: Tortas – The Thug Kitchen

Thursday: Italian Soup with Meatballs – Looney Spoons Collection

Friday: Mexican Lasagna – Looney Spoons Collection

Saturday: Date Night

See ya next week!


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