Small Space Solutions – a Place for Books and a Cozy New Living Room

Hi Guys,

I know I keep saying this, but we live in a really small cottage – 650 sq. feet – and I think I’m slowly getting the hang of this small space living. One of the rooms that we hadn’t really tackled since moving in, was hubby’s man cave. A lot of stuff was hastily placed in there leaving just enough room for him to sit and watch TV  – and that was it. Surrounded by extra living room furniture, books and … stuff looked uncomfortable and made the minimalist in me anxious. But, not only do we want it to be a pleasant place for hubby to spend time in, it will also double as a guest room when the need arises, so over the last few weeks, we’ve been chipping away it it. It’s not quite done yet and, of course, I didn’t think to take a before photo, but the main problem was hubby’s extensive book collection. When we moved, he donated a lot of them, but still brought 4 bookshelves worth over with us. To make more room, we moved 2 of the bookshelves into our bedroom


and we also decided to utilize the shelf at the top of one of the wall in our living room. We had to give it a good clean first to make sure there was no dust up there

Wall Shelf makeover

and then up went the books and some ornaments

We couldn’t find our bookends, so hubby used empty whiskey bottles filled with water

The finished product – really cool!

We had also put our loveseat into that room as we couldn’t fit both the sofa and loveseat into our tiny living room.  We thought about donating it, but it’s only 9 months old and has been used for only 6 of those months, so I was reluctant to let it go. On the other hand, we’ve had the couch for over 5 years and it was starting to sag. Kids and dogs had taken it’s toll. So we decided to donate the couch and keep the love seat. This meant we could bring in another living room chair that had been in storage. A bit of shuffling things around and now we have this cosy arrangement

Hubby’s man cave is already starting to look better and with the loveseat out of there, he can now have the coffee table back – which was also in storage.

Talk to you soon.





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