February In Our Garden

With our move to BC’s Sunshine Coast, came a bit more land than we had at our townhouse – way more.  So we’ve decided to resuscitate our dream of growing our own vegetables and herbs. At the moment, the space where we plan to have our vegetable garden looks like this

Our landlord is building another cottage at the top of that hill, hence the building materials, and it’s rained non-stop for quite a while flooding the roads and making everything waterlogged. But soon the building materials and the shed on the right will be gone, and then we can prepare our beds and plant our vegetables.

We decided to start some of the seeds indoors and in preparation for that, I’ve started to buy a few every pay day so that it doesn’t end up being one huge expense in a month or so.

Today is beautiful – not very cold at all and with a bit of sunshine, so I took the opportunity to clean up a bit. February often gets a bad rap, but unfairly so, in my opinion. Yes, it’s still winter and yes, it can sometimes be dreary, but my bulbs are starting to come up and the trees all have buds on them. The evenings are getting noticeably lighter, so February does give reasons to be cheerful.

Our garlic is also shooting up

Our four palm trees were looking a little sad and waterlogged, so I trimmed all the dead leaves and repotted them. I left 2 of them under the eaves on our patio

but I moved the other two, along with the Lavender, Sage and Rosemary, to our front porch to dry out a bit.




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