March in our Garden – Leggy Seedlings, Cleaning up and a Bonfire

Soooo, although my Broccoli seedlings starting coming up, it quickly became apparent to me that they weren't supposed to look this this (my photo) they were supposed to look like this The problem was that my seedlings weren't getting enough sunlight, even though my dining-room table is next to a big picture window that lets … Continue reading March in our Garden – Leggy Seedlings, Cleaning up and a Bonfire

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Back on track finally and I lost 3 pounds last week! Whoo hoo! I did things a little differently this time. Instead of having leftover suppers for my lunch, I've been having a salad instead. And absolutely NO sweets! I have a horrible sweet tooth, but this week a small yogurt after supper satisfied my … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

March in Our Garden

It's already March and, although it still looks wintry out there, there are more signs that spring is coming. The snow that we had last week has all gone now and my bulbs don't seem any worse for wear. The buds on the trees and shrubs are still, well, budding. Unless it stays unusually cold, … Continue reading March in Our Garden

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Hi Guys. The comfort food last week seemed to do the trick - we're feeling almost normal again 🙂 I haven't even been near the scale last week as 'comfort food' also included a couple of bags of chips while watching a movie or two, not to mention the chocolate. I think we all need … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life