March in our Garden – Leggy Seedlings, Cleaning up and a Bonfire

Soooo, although my Broccoli seedlings starting coming up, it quickly became apparent to me that they weren’t supposed to look this this (my photo)

Broccoli replant

they were supposed to look like this

The problem was that my seedlings weren’t getting enough sunlight, even though my dining-room table is next to a big picture window that lets in plenty of light, I guess they just needed more sunlight to grow. So I’ve decided to wait another month or so, and then sow the seeds outside where there’s lots of direct sunlight.

The weather was beautiful this past weekend, so we decided to make a start on patio furniture. We bought 2 adirondack chairs and will buy another 2 in a couple of weeks.

It’s already starting to look very inviting. I am imagining morning coffee and an evening glass of wine (or two).

Last Fall I pruned a few of our shrubs that hadn’t been touched in what looked like years. I guess I was feeling lazy that day because I threw all the branches and stuff into the forest section of our back yard. But it started to look very messy

So I gathered it all up and took it round to the front where hubby had started a bonfire

Our landlord is cracking on with the building of the cottage above us and there’s quite a bit of old wood and some branches and stuff from a tree they cut down, so the bonfire was to clean all that up in preparation for our vegetable garden.

After all that hard work, we sat by the fire in our new chairs and enjoyed a beer

We made quite a dent in that old wood and only have a small pile left which I’ll probably use to start our compost heap when the weather warms up a bit more

Things are starting to bloom slowly. Little purple flowers are opening on the Creeping Charlie

Soon, this will be a mass of blue on the ground. Also, little crocuses coming up all over the place

and the previous resident planted hundreds of bulbs everywhere

When they flower, this will be a beautiful field of pretty flowers.

At the beach across the road from us, The Canadian Geese are back and seem to have chosen a tiny island to nest on. They were all swimming around noisily and chasing each other

Also saw two little Sandpipers foraging for food on the beach. So cute with their little red beaks.







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