May in My Garden

I must confess that I have never, ever – never, ever – mown (mowed?) the lawn in my entire life! Hard to believe, but true. There’s always been someone around to do it for me – father, husband, sons … But hubby has been in Vancouver on a course for last 9 weeks and the grass had got to a point where I just couldn’t wait another week until he came home. So I got the lawn mower out of the shed and decided to give it a go. Thankfully, our lawn is tiny. We have lots of woodland forest surrounding us, but very little lawn. I was surprised at how easy it was. It wasn’t the greatest job. I mean, I’m not going to be inundated with job offers from the local golf course to tend their lawns, but it was good enough for me

This weekend was just a general tidy-up. We have a very woodland-looking garden and I like it that way. I don’t want to do too much to change it, but it is a little overgrown and the shrubs and Rhododendrons will need some serious pruning in the Fall. Everything’s starting to bloom and look beautiful. The Creeping Charlie is a sea of purple that is all around the perimeter of our yard

The first of the Rhododendrons – we have 4 surrounding our little cottage

And cherry trees

The bulbs that I brought over from the lower mainland and just stuffed into a pot in order to move them

So beautiful – I just adore Daffodils. Of course, they were too crowded, so not all of them bloomed. When they’re done, I’ll separate them out.

And then these little flowers that are dotted around all over the place

Poppies – also everywhere – so they will make a beautiful pop of colour in a few days

The front is also looking colourful

The sweet peas, Dahlias and Gladioli are starting to coming up, and the nasturtiums that I planted in the roses pot to ward off the aphids

So, with a general tidy-up in mind,  I started with the walkway leading up to our patio. Somebody had put gravel on a slope but it had become untidy-looking and it was overgrown with tiny little bulbs sprouting up everywhere

Soon, they would be so overgrown there’d be nowhere to walk. So I dug them all up and cleaned up the area a little, and then placed some broken stepping stones I’d found around our driveway

Again, not garden magazine beautiful, but at least we can walk there now. I’m planning on planting some creeping Thyme in between the stones and down the little slope that will not only look nice, but smell beautiful when walked on.

Next, the area where my little birdbath is. My mother loved birdbaths and always had one in her garden. It gave her a great amount of pleasure watching all the little birds drink and bathe. So when I saw this little one in a store last year, I bought it and put it in one of the garden beds to remind me of her. This is from September last year when we first moved in.

This area had also become overgrown, so I cleared a little space for the birdbath and angel and frog ornaments, and added our fisherman that we’d found, headless, in the shed. To read about him, click here.

Once the bulbs start blooming, it will look very pretty here.

In the meantime, we’re all just enjoying the sunshine and the stunning ocean view






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