Small Space Re-organizing


Hi everyone. I’m still not used to small-space living, but I’m getting the hang of it. I did some more tweaking a couple of weekends ago. Organizing is a never-ending process – you think you have it down and then the process of living gets in the way and, before long, it’s a complete shambles again. I’m forever trying to make more space and, since my drinks trolley (to see this Ikea hack, click here)

Ikea Hack - Drinks Trolley

is doing time as a coffee/tea station at the moment

I needed somewhere to put the drinks and glasses that wasn’t a glass case in ‘The Man Cave.’ The only other place I could think of was my pantry cupboard


Looking at the contents of the glass jars, I realized that I didn’t need to keep all those beans in them, I could cook them and freeze them.

Not only can I store them in my little freezer horizontally, I freed up an entire shelf for my drinks

So now I had all these empty jars from the pantry, so I went through all the items in the corner cupboard in the kitchen and filled the jars with various baking ingredients and spices

On a roll now, I reorganized that cupboard so that I could find stuff without crawling around on the floor and banging my head. As you can see, it was a bit chaotic in there

Items that I use the most went into one container

baking things into another

cat food


And now it looks like this


Energized and encouraged, I moved on to the cleaning shelf in our very small laundry room that also houses the water heater (can you tell that I was alone and bored that weekend?)

My next victim was the medicine cabinet – before

and after

The patio got a cleaning also, after which I sat down to a glass of wine

We have lots more small-space organizing to do, so keep checking back for more ideas.















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