May in Our Garden – A Vegetable Garden

Well, we didn’t think we’d be able to have a vegetable garden this year because our Landlord, who’s building a cottage behind our house, is quite a bit behind schedule and the space where we were going to grow things is still occupied by a lean-to. But, as an experiment, I planted a store-bought butter lettuce (minus the leaves, of course) in a pot on our front deck, and I also planted some tomato slices that I’d seen demonstrated on FaceBook – to see the demonstration, click here. I don’t really believe much of what’s posted on FaceBook, so when they started to re-grow and sprout, I was elated:

The tomatoes – these have already been transplanted out – there were approximately 10 seedlings but, of course, I forgot to take a “before” photo

So, with renewed enthusiasm (and feeling a little smug at my “free” vegetables) we decided to build a smaller version of our original vegetable garden using things that we found around the yard to save some money.

We chose a sunny spot near where the original garden was going to go

Vegetable garden space

And started the basic layout

and then added some 4 x 4’s and breeze blocks that we found lying around. We planned to plant the (free) tomatoes in the four bigger blocks that we placed on the four corners, and then some herbs in the smaller ones. I’m a big fan of companion planting, so basil, nasturtiums, thyme and marigolds came to mind.

Then we added some soil

A quick inspection before planting

and the seed potatoes went in that we bought a month or so ago (and almost forgot about 😦 )

vegetable garden - potatoes

vegetable garden - potatoes

Along side of them, I planted Nasturtium seeds as my trusty book Vegetable Gardens for Dummies tells me that Nasturtiums ward off the Colorado Beetles that eat potatoes. Horrors!

As you can see, we ran out of soil, so the next day we went to the nursery and bought some more

and planted the onions

Peas and Beans. As you can see, hubby made a wooden structure for the beans to climb up out of branches from a fallen tree.

To finish it off, we planted the (free) tomato seedlings in the four blocks at each corner, and some Marigolds to ward off pesky insects, I left some space in the middle of the garden bed for the broccoli seedlings that I planted in this container

vegetable garden broccoli

And then gave it all a good watering

On a roll, we decided to add some more paving to the space in front of our patio. It’s a major walkway, so we used some broken paving that we found around the place to create a little paved area to step onto.

This is what is looked like before


and here’s hubby hard at work


Of course, no job is complete without an inspection

Looks like it’s been approved 😀

aaand done

I planted some creeping Thyme seeds in between the stones, so let’s hope they grow.

I also planted some creeping Thyme seedlings in the paving I created a few weeks ago – to read about that click here

creeping thyme

creeping thyme

I love the idea that the creeping Thyme will provide a sea of pink in between the paving stones and that, when you walk on it, it emits a beautiful scent.

Our Rhododendrons are in full bloom at the side of our house. The road we live on leads to a public trail that’s popular with tourists. Last weekend a couple walked by and thanked us for the beautiful flowers 🙂




Our Cherry tree has the start of cherries on it. I luuurve cherries, so the thought of having them in my back yard, is very exciting.


I love garden ornaments if they blend into the environment, so when I saw these two little love birds, I couldn’t resist.

It’s breeding season for the Canadian Geese and we’ve been hearing loud honking from them across the road at the beach for a few weeks now. The other day, we came across these

Canada Geese

Sooo cute. I’ve never seen Canadian Goslings before.

Until next time …












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