June in Our Garden

It’s only been 2 weeks since we planted our vegetable garden, (to read more about that, click here.) and already everything has just shot up. The garden now looks like this

from this

The potatoes are growing like weeds and I’ve been planting store-bought butter lettuces in between the potatoes which are growing beautifully. We’ve already had a couple of salads from one of the plants and new leaves just keep on growing.

Don’t you love my snail? He was on sale in an obscure little kitchen store I visited a couple of years ago with some friends on our way to a wine tour in Langley.

The beans and peas are looking really good, although something seems to be munching on the leaves of the beans, but it doesn’t look too serious and I can’t find anything in my trusty Vegetable Gardening for Dummies book that suggests it’s fatal, so I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it goes. We have some Marigolds and Basil which should ward off most pesky things

and the Broccoli doesn’t seem to be complaining either

All but one of the onion plants we planted has come up

and the tomatoes and herbs are all looking really lovely



About a week ago, this little lady showed up in our front yard and started nibbling on the Rhododendrons

Lovely as she is, I am not about to share my vegetables with her, so I commissioned hubby to make a fence of sorts, once again, first using material we already have around the yard. So last Saturday, he got to work – he even used the nails somebody had left behind in the workshop/shed/soon-to-be-potting shed (I hope)

He made 2 fence posts and two sides before we ran out of fencing

Our Landlord has some chainlink fencing that he’s not using, so we might finish off the other 2 sides with it. We’re not looking for aesthetics so much as to keep Miss Doe from eating our hard work, but I have found a quaint little gate on Pinterest that can be made from the sticks we have all over the place, so that should add some character to it. Something like this:

Our strawberries are loving their spot on our patio

and the Sweet Peas are growing nicely on our front porch, as are the Gladioli and Dahlias

The Thyme seeds that I planted in between the paving stones that hubby placed in our front yard, are starting to grow.  To read about that project, click here.

Until next time …






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