June in our Garden – A Fence, Strawberries and a Baby Bear

As June comes to a close, I can’t believe how fast everything’s grown in just 3 short weeks – to read the last post on this, click here. The vegetables are twice the size now

vegetable garden

and we’ve had to add extra stakes to the beans and a place for the peas to climb

Grow your own beans

Hubby finished the fence off this week and added a gate, all from materials we had lying around the property. It’s not very pretty, but it’ll keep Miss Doe out, which is the main thing. Besides, we didn’t want to do anything too permanent as we’re going to move the vegetable garden when our landlord has finished building the cottage you see in the background to the right and demolishes the shed in the background to the left. Then we’ll be able to tidy everything up and create a lovely backyard area to sit in.

garden gate

I added a water dish with little stones in it for the bees

bee water

The lettuces are growing nicely and I continue to pick leaves from the biggest one for salads – new leaves just keep on growing to take the place of the ones I picked. The taste of freshly picked lettuce is indescribable


The tomatoes I grew from a tomato slice planted in a pot and covered with soil, are shooting up

Home grown tomatoes

as are the broccoli and the onions

I cut the Marigold flowers to encourage new growth and put them in little sherry glasses in my kitchen – so pretty

The potatoes have buds on them finally, which means they’ve reached their maximum height, thank goodness. They were starting to tower over the lettuce and beans and the peas were starting to climb up them!

The herbs are loving their new home in amongst the vegetables and it won’t be long before that strawberry mint will be becoming part of a cocktail or a salad 🙂

I love being able to go and pick fresh Rosemary and Basil for my cooking

The parsley seems to be liking it’s new home

and hubby’s Black Pepper is staring to flower

pepper flower

I’ve picked quite a few strawberries from our two plants that are in hanging baskets on my patio. The strawberries are lovely and sweet (last year – not so much – and we only got 2 or 3)

The roses are starting to bloom. I was given that rose bush by my son for Mother’s Day about 8 or 9 years ago. It was just a tiny little thing in a small pot and it’s moved with me three times without batting an eyelid. Last year it started to flail on our patio in our townhouse and I had to prune it right back as it had become very leggy. It also developed Black Spot and I had quite a problem getting rid of it, hence the vigorous pruning. I also sprayed it with Neem Oil which seems to be working.

The cherry tree is laden with fruit, but the cherries are tiny due to the lack of sun in our front yard.

They are lovely and sweet all the same and I’ll probably add them to the snack bars I’ve been making lately

My neighbour mentioned that bears like cherries also. The very next day, I spotted Mama Bear and her baby not far from my front door. By the time I got my camera, they were a bit further away (thank goodness), but the little baby bear was very cute all the same.

Anyway, I’m off to make and Lemon Delicious Pudding with Lavender Cream. I’ll be using the lavender buds from my garden










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