July in Our Garden

Everything is thriving in our vegetable garden. I’m surprised because I’m not quite sure what I’m doing – haha. To read about our garden from the beginning, click here

July in our garden-grow your own vegetables

I fed everything with blood meal a few days ago and added a layer of mulch over the weekend to keep the moisture in and the weeds out, although I haven’t seen many of those. It appears something has been nibbling at some of the plants, so I sprayed them all with an organic insecticidal soap. The companion plants seem to be doing the trick and I haven’t seen any sign of hungry bugs or horrible diseases. We have marigolds, nasturtiums, mint, rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano.

The potatoes have started flowering, which is just as well because they started to fall over. Hubby increased the hills around them, just to be safe. He’s quite excited about them flowering, because it means that, in a couple of weeks, we can pull up a few of the new potatoes. I hope he doesn’t get too carried away, as I want the mature potatoes to sustain us through the winter!

The peas outgrew the bamboo and string affair that I made for them to climb up and they were starting to fall over into the strawberry mint (lovely in certain drinks and salads)

Grow your own peas

so hubby added some fencing for them to latch onto

peas climbing

I had to tie some of the beans to their climbing apparatus as they were leaning out towards the peas and the peas were latching onto them!

beans - July in our Garden

We lost a broccoli plant to a rain storm. It knocked the little thing over and it never recovered. But the rest of the broccoli is growing strong and healthy

broccoli - July in our garden

And all our tomato plants are growing like weeds. This is one of the ones I grew from seed


All of the herbs are thriving and I use them daily in my cooking. It’s so nice to have fresh herbs to pick whenever I want, and I can dry or freeze the excess.

My favourite teapot broke last week, so I planted some parsley in it and placed it next to the basil that I grew from seed

basil and parsley in a teapot

The store-bought basil is doing well. I pick it often and it keeps on producing new leaves. We love Italian food, so basil is a must


Rosemary and Basil

I bought some new herbs on Saturday. Chamomile to make into tea

After taking this photo, I picked some of the flowers to dry.

And peppermint (also for tea) and orange mint (for salads and drinks)

grow your own mint

The sweet peas have started to flower and they provide a beautiful scent as you walk by them on the way to the front door

I picked a few and they make a lovely splash of colour on my dining-room table

sweet pea vase

Our compost heap has had a couple of set backs due to a raccoon getting into it and making a complete mess of it all. After securing it on the top and sides a week ago, the next morning we found he’d dug underneath and got his meal that way. We found eggshells and vegetable peelings all over the place. Tori then put cement blocks underneath to stop him from digging underneath. A couple of days ago, we found him trying to get into it again with no luck.

My cat was sitting near by, watching – her eyes as big as saucers – she’s never seen a raccoon before. So we put both the cats inside and watched while Mr. Raccoon gave up, climbed the cherry tree near our patio and helped himself to a delicious fruit salad. I tried to get a photo of him on one of the branches, but every time I thought I had a clear shot, he moved and ended up being obscured by the branch.

Talk to you soon





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