July in Our Garden – Our First Haul!

As July comes to a close, we picked our first beans and potatoes today! And a couple of peas :

Home grown vegetables

We’re having roast pork tonight and these will be perfect!

Also picked our first black chili pepper

black pepper

and the herbs just keep on coming – there’s chamomile, strawberry mint, rosemary and basil

herbs for tea

parsley, sage, lavender and marigolds (and, yes there’s rosemary and thyme also – just like the song).

I’ve also been picking the oregano daily as needed.


Our little temporary vegetable garden continues to thrive (to read about our garden from the beginning, click here)

vegetable garden

except for the broccoli. That’s not doing very well. There’s lots of leaves on them, but no heads. I think we planted them too late and maybe too close together. Broccoli is a cool weather plant and should have been planted in March, not the end of May. But, I’ll wait another couple of weeks to see what we get, and then try again in the Fall when it’s cooler.

The tomatoes started to flower a couple of weeks ago and have far outgrown their little cages. When the tomatoes start to fruit, we’ll have to stake them to keep them from falling over!


One of the nasturtium plants is flowering. We initially grew them as a companion plant for the potatoes – to discourage colorado beetles, but they taste great in salads and look really pretty too.


My old faithful rose bush that I’ve had for over 7 years is still blooming every year despite all it’s been through. I was given this rose bush as a tiny plant by my son for Mother’s Day one year. It’s been through 3 moves and been dug up a couple of times – yet it continues to produce beautiful blooms for me year after year. Last year it developed black spot, so I cut it right back to almost nothing – yet here it is this year looking fabulous

I’ve been picking the sweet peas every few days and their heady scent fills the house. Sweet Peas and Jasmine were among my mother’s favourite flowers.

sweet peas

and the Dahlias and Gladiodi finally started to bloom – so pretty





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