August in Our Garden

Hello all and welcome to smoky British Columbia. There are hundreds of wildfires burning all over the province and the wind blew the smoke in our direction. The smell of smoke is very strong and the sun is struggling to shine through the haze.

We’ve had a steady stream of beans and peas these past few weeks, and have had them for dinner every second night or so – so delicious. Our plan was to grow enough to sustain us through the summer and then freeze them for the winter months, but, of course, we couldn’t grow enough as there’s a lean to where our vegetable garden was to go. By Spring next year, this will be gone.  Buuut, this temporary garden has been a good learning curve for what to do (and what not to do) next year when we’ll have much more room.


We also pulled up the shallots and put them in the shed to dry out

Our 5 tomato plants are all starting to bear fruit.

Strangely enough, the plants that I grew from a couple of tomato slices buried in a pot (to read about that, click here) are doing much better than the much bigger one that I bought at the nursery.

Our broccoli was a complete failure …. or so we thought. We didn’t bother to look on the seed packet to see what variety of broccoli we had bought. I thought it was regular old Broccoli, but later discovered we were growing sprouting Broccoli. And that’s ok, except when it didn’t grow the way we thought it was supposed to, we figured we had done something wrong and I pulled up the whole lot :(. The leaves didn’t go to waste – I chopped them up and added them to our home made dog food.


Not to be defeated, we went to the nursery and bought the last 2 broccoli seedlings


and planted them along with a some Swiss Chard and lettuce seeds which, hopefully, will turn into beautiful Butter Lettuce in the Fall.

We also dug up the first of our potatoes and will be having them as part of our supper tonight!


In a week or so, we’ll be planting some more lettuce seeds, Brussels Sprouts and garlic.

The herbs are still growing and I’ve been using them daily in my cooking and tea – Rosemary, Parsley and Basil. I dry the Rosemary and add it to my spice collection and the excess Basil gets made into Pesto. Once you’ve had home made Pesto, you’ll never want store bought again.


beautiful Chamomile for a relaxing tea at night


and the Nasturtiums have just spread themselves around – very soon I’ll be adding the leaves and flowers to my salad – love!


The Dahlias just keep on producing, adding a splash of colour to the house

and the lovely Sweet Peas with their pretty scent

sweet pea vase

See you soon





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