August in Our Garden

Hello home-grown vegetable lovers. We finally finished all the beans and peas and pulled up the plants along with the potatoes which are now drying out in our shed. Our garden started to look a little sad and empty

vegetable garden

It’s sad to think that summer’s almost over, but, at the same time, I love the Fall with it’s crisp, cool mornings and beautiful Fall colours.  It’s cool enough to sit outside and spend our evenings by the fire pit, sipping on a glass of wine. I love also the comfort food that accompanies this season – lovely stews with our home-grown potatoes and chard.

A few days after pulling up the peas and beans, we planted some Brussels Sprouts for our Christmas dinner

brussels sprouts

The Chard is doing really well. Soon we’ll be able to pick some leaves for Fall stews


and our broccoli is thriving – these should be ready to harvest by the end of September.

Our tomatoes are all producing an amazing amount of fruit – except for the plant we bought from the nursery. We have only one tomato at the moment

from an enormous plant

My other plants (the ones that I planted from sliced tomatoes and didn’t think would grow – to read more about that, click here)  are doing way better. We have four plants from those seeds and they are producing like crazy


Every day we find new fruit :). Hopefully, another couple of weeks for them to ripen.

The Chamomile is winding down now, but I have dried a lot of the flowers for a relaxing tea at night time. But the marigolds and mint continue to grow.


The peppermint is especially good for headaches and I plan to infuse it into an oil for that purpose. Once I do, I’ll post the recipe. Peppermint tea is also really refreshing and energizing.

Until next time





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