October In Our Garden

Hi everyone. I hope you’re all well. Well, it’s been a soggy Fall so far which is really disappointing. When I look back on photos from this time last year, it was beautiful sunshine, crisp Fall days and evenings around the fire pit with hot chocolate!

Our garden is doing okaaay, but not very happy with all the rain, so I’m not too sure if everything’s going to survive. The brussels sprouts are growing – slowly

Grow Your own brussels sprouts

as are the chard and lettuce. I’ve harvest the chard leaves 3 or 4 times to add to various dishes

A couple of weeks ago, we planted garlic

and covered it with a layer of hay (given to us by our neighbour)

Grow your own garlic

So the plan is to have a lovely crop of garlic by next Summer. It looks like we’re going to get a run of sunshine next week which will allow me to get into the garden and clean it up a little – pull up the tomato plants and harvest the rest of the herbs. Let’s hope the brussels sprouts and butter lettuce perk up a little.

Our tomatoes were not ripening on the vine, so I harvested them all and put them in box with an apple in it. Many fruits, including tomatoes and apples produce ethylene gas, which accelerates ripening. Apples produce more ethylene gas than most, so placing them near any other fruit will ripen it faster. It’s working …

I took out the ripened ones and left the others. If the green ones don’t ripen in the next week or so, I’m going to see if I can find a recipe for tomato chutney or something like that. Any suggestions you can give me are welcome. 🙂



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