October in My Garden – Operation Clean Up

These past few weeks have been extremely hectic for us with meetings and parties and Thanksgiving and birthdays … we’ve been away in Vancouver almost every weekend. And on the weekends we weren’t away, Tori has worked the Saturday. So, it’s been all I can do to keep up with the housework, and the garden looks like I haven’t touched it in a few months!

We’ve been meaning to have a bonfire with the wood and cardboard boxes and the screen door that we brought from our old house ( it doesn’t fit the front door here), but, oh, to find the time! And the paving stones that are meant for the front entrance are still sitting in a pile. The mulch and the garden utensils are crying out to be put away in the shed, and the borrowed wheel barrow needs to be returned to the friend we borrowed it from.

Three weeks ago, I pulled out a few of the nasturtiums as they were taking over the vegetable garden, along with the (finished) tomato plants and our failed brussels sprouts experiment (I think they became waterlogged with all the rain we had). As you can see, the discarded nasturtiums are still blooming – 3 weeks later! Even so, this pile needs to be added to our compost heap.

Hubby is only halfway finished with his shop

so the bike is still sitting on our front porch. I’ve been doing a little decluttering, the evidence of which also adorns the front porch – not very pleasing to the eye, to say the least (no, the cat is not part of the decluttering process 🙂 )

The shrubs and lawn are looking very overgrown and scraggly.

The side is not much better

And the back porch is looking like we haven’t lived here for months!

The back yard is covered in leaves

Even our Angel and Fisherman are looking miserable

So, I’ve resolved to clean it up! But not this weekend because … yes, you guessed it! We’re back in Vancouver!

Buuut, I’m going to carve out a little bit of time every day to at least clean up the leaves, and then on the weekend we’ll make it beautiful.

Come back next week to see the transformation.


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