November in Our Garden – Operation Clean up – Leaves & Mowing

Hi everyone. I hope you’ve all had a good week. It’s rained a LOT here over the last 6 days, but we got a bit of respite on Friday so after work, I made a start on raking up the leaves in our back yard

and gave the Angel a little face wash

If you’ve been following this Blog, you’ll know that we let things get out of hand, garden-wise, due to the fact that we haven’t really been here for a bunch of weekends. To read about that, click here.  So, I’ve planned Operation Clean Up, which will take place over the next few weeks and then it’ll probably turn into Operation Decorate as there seems to be so much to do in that regard.

On Saturday it stormed, so I spent the day on the couch watching a movie. But today the sun came out and I got to work.

Finished up the raking (that’s a work out in itself!)

Mowed the lawn, even though the grass was wet, I had to neaten it up. There’s more moss in our lawn than grass – something I’ll fix in the Spring – probably plant some clover in the bald bits. Clover makes a lovely “lawn” and you can mow it.

Around the front, I mowed the lawn and clover, from this

to this

In the Spring, this area will be turned into a bed to house my herbs and bulbs.

Once that was done, I cleared the deck so I could clean it. Our patio set has had its day and will become part of our bonfire next week. And the coffee table my son made for me in woodworking class about 10 or so years ago, also finally fell apart 😦

Looks like there’ll be some new patio furniture in our future 🙂

Using the latest water technology, I hosed down the deck with all the pine needles and leaves and then put the chairs away in the shed until next year.

Planted the daffodils and tulips for the Spring

and the last thing for the day – Hubby trimmed the leggy Rhododendron

And then I did a little bit in the front – removed this to the compost

and cleaned the deck rug and hug it up to dry

Hubby finally moved his bike from the porch to the shop he’s been building for it over the last few weeks – woo hoo!

So I tidied up just a bit and gave the area a little porch appeal until I can figure out what I really want to do with this space (that ugly mat must go)

Beautiful! And oddly satisfying. I deserve a nice cup of tea!







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