November in Our Garden – Operation Clean-up – Porch love & a Winter Wreath

Hello everyone. It’s getting chilly this past week – the kind of weather that makes you want to curl up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate. And I’ve been doing that. But today I got outside for some more clean up – trimmed a couple more shrubs and tidied up the weeds. Finally bought a decent mat for the front porch

and while I was moving the old patio chairs to the bonfire area, I decided to keep one for the front porch decor

I think that pretty much finishes the porch off for now. The door needs painting and I have some other ideas, but it’ll have to wait for Spring.

We were given a patio set a couple of months ago which has been languishing behind the (temporary) vegetable garden, so today I moved it to the patio

We’ll probably paint it in the Spring.

Hubby has been slowly getting organized with all the mess in the front by putting things in piles – burn, donate, throw out – that kind of thing. In some ways it looks worse than last week, but I guess one has to make more of a mess in order to clean it all up

At least he’s made a start on the wood for the bonfire

I ended off my day by making a simple winter wreath for our front door. I bought some of the stuff from the dollar store and cut the greenery from the abundance of fir trees on our property

I wanted one side to be branches and the other side to be greenery, so I started off by stripping the thicker branches of their leaves, and then weaving them into the wire holder

and then weaved the branches with their leaves into the other side

Once that was done, I added the birds by fixing them to the bottom branches with wire


Cute huh? I think so.



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